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Past Programs


April: You're a Filthy Little Aren't You? Dark Age Play 101 with Bri Burning

March: Dungeon Monitoring 101 with Matty Pendragon


September: Trauma-Informed Negotiation and Consent with Cody Coyote

August: Adventures in Service with Rio and Simcha

May: Unlearning White Fragility as Leatherfolk with The Rooks

April: To Serve and To Receive - The Basics with Tomo

February: Psychobiology of SM – mind-body connections in SM activities with Master Richard Sprott


January: Education Program Planning Meeting

February: Florentine Flogging with Matty

March - Singletails in Small Spaces led by Rick
April - Loving Your Leather: Bootblacking and Beyond - Co Facilitated by: Kelly and Zac

May - Who are we? Exploring the Intersection of Identities led by Tiffany

June - Kinky Craft Night led by Patrick, Chelle, and Pixie

July - The Protocol Game with The Rooks

August - QLAS Game Night

September - Introduction to Kinky Queer ASL with Energy

November - Making Connections with Rope led by Zaide and Marebare



January: Kelly and Shedao – Boot Blacking 101

February: Daddy Sage - From Harlequin to Harley: Writing Your Naughty Desires into Reality

March: slave lyle - Being a slave is Simple...Really!

May: Marilyn and Rio - In the Beginning, First Steps in M/s

June: Amelia Boots - Sole to Soul: Bootblacking 201

July: Marilyn and Rio - In the Beginning, First Steps in M/s Part 2

August: Richard Sprott - How Mental Health Challenges Intertwine with BDSM and Power Exchange Relationships

September:  Mr. Steve Ward and Daddy/boy Sage - Go Both Ways, Living Leather as a Switch

October - Daddy Marty and Sonya Bolus - Leather Archetypes
November - Master Richard Sprott and his slave lyle - M/s 301: Beyond the Basics


May: Richard Stadtmiller – A Photographic Time Travel Log – 10 Years of Northern California Leather History

June: Daddy Sage - Zap, Crackle, Pop – Play That’s Electrifying

July: Ms Rhonda and Tomo - The Powerful Servant - from Two Perspectives

August: Dr. Richard Sprott - Interrogation Scenes

September: Rob Brooks - Flagging Today – The Hanky Code

October: Mister Gravy - Lose a Partner, Find Yourself

November: Luna Bear - Wax PlayDecember: 1st Annual QLAS Holiday Party & Board Elections

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