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QLAS classes are welcoming regardless of gender expression or sexual orientation.
A sliding scale donation of $5 - $20 is requested at classes to cover expenses.

In aligning with our mission this educational space is intended for
and will be held for QLAS members, pledges, and LGBTQIA+ individuals.
We will not be inspecting identities, however respectful, non-discriminatory,
consent based behavior is required for attendance/participation.

Some general housekeeping and notes about QLAS education:

This educational class will be offered via Zoom with closed captioning enabled.  While Queer Leather Association Sacramento is an LGBTQI+ leather organization for persons who identify as LGBTQI+ and leather, these classes are open for folks 18+ and allies. Attendees are asked to bear this in mind.
If you need additional accommodations, please reach out to Cody at in advance so we can get you squared away.
It costs money for us to facilitate these events, so we encourage those who are inclined to donate any amount either to our PayPal ( or consider becoming a monthly contributor and subscribe to our Patreon,

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