QLAS classes are welcoming regardless of gender expression or sexual orientation.
A sliding scale donation of $5 - $20 is requested at classes to cover expenses.

In aligning with our mission this educational space is intended for
and will be held for QLAS members, pledges, and LGBTQIA+ individuals.
We will not be inspecting identities, however respectful, non-discriminatory,
consent based behavior is required for attendance/participation.


August 2020

Adventures in Service
with Rio and Simcha

August 11, 2020

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM PST
Zoom Meeting #: 881 2282 2315

Password: Sacramento

This workshop looks at service from the perspective of those who serve. What motivates us? Why is this important to us? We’ll cover how we define types and levels of service, and how to give more than expected. We’ll also discuss challenging encounters we’ve had while performing service, and how we handled them. Both s types and D types are welcome, and audience participation is highly encouraged.

Rio is a butch leatherdyke, active in the scene since 2006. She believes in kindness, and identifies as a slave, a knife enthusiast, and is obsessed with service. She served as Ms. Sober San Francisco Leather in 2016, is a member of MAsT San Francisco, and an officer in the Exiles. Feeding her passion for both education and exhibitionism, she has presented at Folsom, NWLC, IMsL/BB, SWLC, SELF, and demo bottomed across the country, usually under the hands of her sadistic Mistress, Marilyn.

Simcha has been in the scene since 2014. She identifies as a leather dyke, slave boi, feminist, masochistic slut, romantic and loves submitting to and serving a fierce femme domme. She is polyamorous in a leather family. Simcha is an Exiles officer, and the assistant producer of the Ms. SF Leather contest. She has taught at Sin in the City, Foundations, FLAG, and the Exiles. She is an award-winning professional trainer.


September 2020

Trauma-Informed Negotiation and Consent

with Cody Coyote

September 8, 2020

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM PST
Zoom Meeting #: 881 2282 2315

Password: Sacramento

More and more, our society continues to understand how trauma shapes our very lives and relationships. This is especially true in the leather, kink, and BDSM communities as we consider what to do if a partner becomes “triggered.” Join cody as they unpack the meanings behind “trauma,” “negotiation,” and “consent” and facilitate interactive discussion of how we may navigate discussions of negotiation and consent with trauma in mind. The purpose of this discussion is for participants to begin understanding how trauma can unexpectedly rear its head in relationships and play, and what steps they can take to adequately prepare and address those situations when they arise.
Important Note - The discussion is a safe space; however, given the nature of the class’s theme, you are strongly encouraged to prepare a respite plan ahead of time in the event you become triggered.


cody coyote (they/them) is a sweet-pea baby leather butch with femme tendencies. Originally from the Mojave Desert, they moved to Sacramento in 2000. they became proactive in the local leather and kink scene in 2018 and haven’t looked back. Although the elusive cody coyote is spotted working the bootblack stand at the Bolt or serving as keyholder for QLAS at the Lavender Library, this is their first educational class (with hopefully more to come)! they currently serve as secretary for Lavender Library, Archives, and Cultural Exchange and as their storian (historian) for Queer Leather Association Sacramento.

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